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  1. bongani khumalo says:

    Jah andsibless. Living Jay life and escaping Babylon.stay strong brothers and sisters. Jahwill always be on our side. Ra’s bongani in KwaZulu natal Pietermaritsburg

  2. Ras washie says:

    Enter your comment here…judah square is a holy place keep up the good work jah people,jah bless.i would want to visit that place sometime im from kraaifontein ,capetown

    • Judah Square says:

      Praise Jah for the word sound king, blessed to have the brother’s imput on our humble community.love and blessings. looking forward to meeting the brother, one day hopefully, all willing and able is warmly welcomed to visit and experience the vibe of the free spirited youth, brothers and sisters from the Judah Square community. One jah, one aim, one destiny, one rastafari for ini all!!!

      love and gratitude

  3. leanne says:

    Awe i am on my way to knysna we are looking for camping for 2days can any one asist thank you

  4. Quentin says:

    hi , i come in South Africa Le Cap in november 2016, i think , i will come to visit your community . You have a good idea to visit , i will talk with my friends to visit your community and after i contact you to see it’s possible.Sorry for my bad english , i’m a french guy 🙂

  5. bonnie (ras zeb) says:

    hi ini give thanks to the creator for stand upright and tall
    keep it holy and firm from cederberg mihty rior

  6. Reese says:

    Would love to make contact with the leaders of this community about a project I would like to run in this community please make contact with me on Reesecloud@gmail.com

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