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The AllStars Album Video

The AllStars Album Video

Mix of the House of Judah Allstars album recorded in August/September 2013 in the Judah Square Rastafari community which is found in the suburb of Khayalethu in Knysna in the...


Tania and Friends Go to Monkeyland

14-year-old Tania Hendricks and a bunch of her friends were treated to a trip to Monkeyland by Love Knysna Projects, a collection of volunteers in Knysna. This is her story:...

Judah Square Allstars Reggae Album - recording1

Judah Square Records ‘AllStars’ Rastafari Album

They say music is soul food. And one of the most soulful music styles of contemporary music comes out of the island of Jamaica: Reggae. Marked as subversive during the...