Several Knysna residents cried foul following the most recent arrest of longstanding Rastafarian community member, Brother Ras Mau-Mau, on Wednesday, March 28.

Mau-Mau was arrested while transporting home the chief of the Judah Square community, Noel ‘Maxi’ Melville and his son Menelick, after their release from custody. They were arrested during, what is considered to be, an unnecessary, violent raid on the Rastafarian community during the early hours of Tuesday, March 27.

Attorney Donald Curtis of Mosdell, Parma and Cox Inc was of the opinion that Mau-Mau’s arrest seemed to be an act of intimidation, “We no longer, despite certain members of the Knysna SAPS’ apparent desires to the contrary, live in a police state. The immediate arrest of Mau-Mau, who was transporting Mr Melville, the Rastafari community leader, home after his release on warning from court on Wednesday, March 28, and the subsequent withdrawal for lack of evidence of those charges the following day, smack of abuse of the system and a clear effort to intimidate Mr Melville by the members concerned.”

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