Julie Jacobs

Julie Jacobs

On the 17th of August, my mother (Julian), sister (Isis) and I were cordially invited for breakfast at 34 Degrees South, a restaurant on the Knysna Waterfront. Time got the best of us as we arrived 20 minutes later than planned (it was a long walk). This was only my third time to the Waterfront this year. I don’t get to go out much.

It was the first time I had seen this restaurant. First time I had been in a restaurant. It is situated beside a water canal. Our older friend, Wicked Mike, from Love Knysna Projects, was comfortably sitting at a table inside, reading the day’s newspaper. Fascinated by my surroundings, we politely greeted one another and had a seat.

After being reacquainted, a waiter showed up to welcome us and tell us about the breakfast specials. My sister and I decided to order the same breakfast, exchanging our pigs (we are vegetarian) for mushrooms. My mother had toast with tomato, olive oil and garlic. The breakfast was accompanied by a frothy cappuccino.

34 Degrees South restaurant

34 Degrees South

Whilst enjoying our breakfast, Mike enlightened us about poor communities in America and the outstanding academic achievements from African Americans there despite unequipped circumstances.

This information moved me deeply…to know that people just like me can compete and succeed at an academic level, further that I could achieve despite coming from a poorer community and the colour of my skin.

Crunching on a piece of buttered toast, I took time to absorb the information and the restaurant’s Mediterranean structure which was decorated with bright signs and a rotating sushi table. Amazingly, half the restaurant consists of food products you can buy to make anything. Cute little “fat ladies” postcards and table protectors stood near a sample display of the world’s largest mini car collection.

Breakfast was very interesting, seeing that it was my first visit to 34 Degrees South, and food was good.

Love Julie