Haile Selassie2We are hosting our annual celebration Earthday from July 22 to 29.

There’ll be ceremonies and music in celebration of His Majesty Haile-I Selassie’ Earthday (Birthday) and Emancipation Day.

There are many events on the schedule in Knysna. In particular, the general public should join a walk on the Eco Trail on Thursday at 11am or view and experience the community on Open Day Sunday. There is no entrance fee.


  • Monday – Opening and Welcome
  • Tuesday – Fire Key (6am), Sanctification and Play (11am), Lunch Feast, Drumming and chanting (from 7pm) and free soup at midnight.
  • Wednesday – Tribute to the Elders
  • Thursday 11am – Eco Trail open to public.
  • Friday & Saturday – NNC Conference
  • Sunday – open day to the public.
  • Monday – Zeal-Up.

Dress code: Men in long sleeves and women modestly covered (dresses not pants).


  • Brother Zebulon – 076 649 1034
  • Sista Kerri – 083 502 2229