Haile Selassie2The 122nd Inniversary of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I’s Earthday which will be held with a Nyahbinghi Churchical Gathering in Judah Square from Tuesday the 22nd of July (the Welcoming and Opening) at 5pm and will seal up on Wednesday morning the 30th of July.

The 23rd is the Earthday of Haile Selassie and the fire key will be lit first light (around 7am) that morning and will chant and give praises in the tabernacle until 3 when the feast will be served.

Visitors are welcome but there is a strict dress code where women need to be fully covered (skirts or dresses, no pants allowed) and a head covering. Men must also wear long sleeves and long pants and no head covering (caps etc.).

Sunday the 27th is set aside specifically for visitors as Observers Day from 10am.

Mix of the House of Judah Allstars album recorded in August/September 2013 in the Judah Square Rastafari community which is found in the suburb of Khayalethu in Knysna in the Western Cape of South Africa. Features The Nyahbinghi Choir, Sista Julie, Iniqwa, Sista Leah, Ras Mau-Mau, Red Hot Chili and Dub Covenant. Music genres include dub, reggae and choral.