14-year-old Tania Hendricks and a bunch of her friends were treated to a trip to Monkeyland by Love Knysna Projects, a collection of volunteers in Knysna. This is her story:

MonkeylandExciting Sunday it was! We don’t normally do stuff on Sundays which gives me an extra reason to to remember this one!

I totally overslept and was confused by the time we were suppose to be ready:) I got ready quickly but then realised that my friend Julie, and others, were not even there yet. As soon as everyone arrived, we set off on our journey to Monkeyland.

Before entering Monkeyland, we spotted two big horses grazing the grass of the parking lot. We met our guide, Thiem, who advised us to put our belongings away because curious monkeys love food and shiny things. Previously, a man had had his Blackberry hijacked by a monkey:)

Here’s some facts we learned about Monkeyland:

  • The tortoises that live here are called “monkey taxis”. The reason for this is that the monkeys like to travel on their backs from time to time.
  • The Capatchen monkey is the most intelligent in the world.
  • There are more or less 550 monkeys here.
  • The monkeys here eat 300kg of food per day, mostly fruit and vegetables. This costs over R20 000 per month.
  • A Scorra monkey got rejected by the mom and she bit off his tail. Why? Because tourists took pictures with him.
  • A baby monkey is carried by his mother everywhere.
  • The Gibbon monkey makes a loud, deep sound – “Whoohp, WHOOPH.”

I had a great time and an exciting Sunday to remember!